Stirling Sightseer is here for the summer

Stirling bus

Introducing Stirling Sightseer: your official guide to the legendary city.

Enjoy Stirling from a different perspective, every day from 27th May until 1st September 2024.

Stirling is steeped in history and legend, with stirring tales of bloody battles, heroic figures from the past and a story that has resonated down the centuries to help shape the very character of Scotland today.

You can learn all about Stirling on our new open-top bus tour that shows off our medieval city, complete with audio commentary that brings the sights and the stories they tell to life.

Your ticket lasts all day, so leave and rejoin the bus at any of the stops to get a closer look at any of the attractions along the route.

Here are the highlights:

  • Tours run every hour, seven days a week
  • Hop on and off as much as you like – your ticket lasts for 24 hours
  • Enjoy panoramic views of the River Forth
  • Let us bring the stories of Stirling to life with full audio commentary
  • Your ticket give you a range of money-off deals in Stirling and free return travel to the Battle of Bannockburn Experience

Check out the route here.

The basics 

Stirling Sightseer tours run every hour during the day, 7 days a week, starting at Goosecroft Road (opposite Stirling rail station) every hour, all day.

Tickets are valid for 24 hours so you can hop on and off at much as you like for £12 adult, £6 child or £26 family and can be bought on bus from the driver using cash or contactless or as a mobile ticket in the app (just search ‘Midland Bluebird’ in your app store).

The primary stop at Goosecroft Road, situated opppsite the Railway Station is where you’ll find us. Our friendly, knowledgeable driver will be on-hand to answer questions, sell tickets and help you find your way.

Buses are fully accessible, with no entrance steps and space for a wheelchair or up to two unfolded buggies.

The tour

The full journey lasts up to 50 minutes, but you can hop on and hop off along the way to explore Stirling at your own pace. Check out the highlights map here. You can join the tour at any designated bus stop along the way.

From the open top deck, you’ll have a unique view of all the city must-see landmarks and attractions. We do recognise the reality of the Scottish weather from time to time, which is why (on such rare occasions…) the front section of the top deck is enclosed: so that you can escape the elements and still see the sights.

Make sure to grab a set of complimentary headphones or feel free to plug in your own, so that you can learn and laugh along with the audio commentary guide. 


Daily 27 May - 1 September 

Goosecroft Road  0930 1030 1130 1230 1400 1500 1600 1700
Bridge of Allan Fountain Road 0942 1042 1142 1242 1412 1512 1612 1712
University bus hub 0950 1050 1150 1250 1420 1520 1620 1720
Wallace Monument 0955 1055 1155 1255 1425 1525 1625 1725
Stirling Union Street 1005 1105 1205 1305 1435 1535 1635 1735
Stirling Arts Museum 1008 1108 1208 1308 1438 1538 1638 1738
Castle Esplanade  1012 1112 1212 1312 1442 1542 1642 1742
Goosecroft Road  1024 1124 1224 1324 1454 1554 1654 1754

Money off with your ticket 

Show your Stirling Sightseer ticket and get some great deals around the city.

  • Stirling Highland Hotel, Spittal Street - 15% off in Courtyard Bar
  • Tinsel & Tartan Shop, 2 Spittal Street - 10% off
  • Free return travel on our X36 SWIFT and 56 buses to and from the Battle of Bannockburn Experience. There’s 3 buses an hour and it takes just 12 minutes each way. Catch these from Stirling bus station, which is 2 minutes walk from our first tour stop on Goosecroft Road.

We can't wait to welcome you on board to tell you the story of our incredible city, which includes lots for locals and visitors alike to enjoy. Learn more about the history of the land that William Wallace once roamed and the rising of the Jacobites - and so much more!