Better Times at Midland Bluebird from 22nd April

better times are coming

Better times at Midland Bluebird from 22 April

Thanks to suggestions from our customers and colleagues to improve our timekeeping, we are making some changes to a few of our timetables, starting on Monday 22 April.

X38 Falkirk – Edinburgh

We’re introducing a new timetable to make us more reliable. This includes adding an additional bus to the service to give us more time to recover after each journey.

Swift X36 X37 Stirling or Falkirk – Glasgow

There will be a new timetable to make us more reliable, still running up to every 30 mins at busy times. We are also adding an extra stop for Falkirk Wheel, the Boardwalk restaurant and Three Bridges Park & Ride on Millennium Wheel Drive on X37.

H1/H2 Forth Valley Royal Hospital – Alloa

We’ll introduce a new timetable to improve our timekeeping. Whilst the same number of journeys will continue to run, the times of your journey may change. There will be a minor route change in the Sauchie area with Mar Place no longer being served.

1 Maddiston – Falkirk – Dunipace

2 Forth Valley Royal Hospital – Falkirk – Bo’Ness

5 Hallglen – Falkirk – Langlees

7 Camelon Ochil Tree – Falkirk – Forth Valley Royal Hospital

38 Falkirk – Stirling

51 Stirling – Alloa

52 Stirling – Alloa

56 Stirling – Cowie

57 Raploch – Stirling – St Ninians

59  Stirling - Callander

We’re introducing a new timetable on each of these routes to make us more reliable.